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Welcome to the

web site!


My immediate Family includes:

Joshua, Shari, Matthew, Marla, and myself, Mitch Goodman.

So, what's been going on, you ask.

Well.... Matthew went to school in Orlando, graduated and moved to Philly for almost 2 years and then back to Florida.  He has started his own Hurricane Shutter Repair business, ShutterThis.

Shari graduated High School and has started college in Orlando at Valencia Community.  She has her own apartment and is having a great time. only interested in Chinese Food and Disney.  He is doing GREAT.

Marla is holding her own.

Mitch has no life and only takes Joshua to Disney and does web sites.


So stop by here often and see what is going on.

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        Riding a bicycle built for 5 at the Boardwalk



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